Top things to do in Barcelos – Portugal

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One of my favorite ghost town !

Barcelos is not exactly a touristic kind of place and the big and old buildings covering it doesn’t make it very appealing the first time you see it… But its ghost town style definitely got me and proved me the city has potential.

Follow the guide, zoom on Portugal and on Barcelos and discover my first tips for a quick visit in one day…. And in the meantime I’ll go back there to discover some more adventurous things to do.


Have a walk in the old historical center starting by the main square

Barcelos_main square_Church_Top things to see_do_Discover_Portugal_City

Barcelos_main square_Top things to see_Do in portugal_Discover_Tiles_Houses_flowers

And get lost in the little streets

Barcelos_Old style shop_Top things to do_see_Discover_Travel_Portugal

Try to find your favorite abandoned square or house

The town is full of abandoned places which makes it very photogenic for those who like the ghost town type of atmosphere

Barcelos_Top things to see_do_Travel_Portugal_Pigeon_fountain


Don’t miss the old “castle” (paço dos condes)

And enjoy the view of the old bridge from there

 Barcelos_Top things to do_See_castle_old castle_ruins


And …

It’s not because I don’t have a picture for it that it’s not of any interest : Go see the “torre medieval” (Apparently the view from there is gorgeous but it’s not free), walk along the river (and you could even enjoy a picnic there), ask the tourism office for the map of the walks and hikes around Barcelos and enjoy some time off in nature.

Have fun !