Top things to do and eat in Ponte de Lima – Portugal

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River, nature and food

Ponte de Lima is not a very touristic place but it still is one of the well known town for people who follow the “caminho do Santiago” to “Santiago de Compostela”. There aren’t many things to do around here but it’s a nice and green place where you can have a mix of nature, peacefulness and city. You might also not find a lot of cheap options to sleep there but the atmosphere on a sunny day, quite different from what you except from portuguese cities, really is worth the extra miles.

Follow the guide, zoom on Portugal and on Ponte de Lima and discover my first tips for a quick visit in one or two days….


Walk along the Lima river

Ponte de Lima_Portugal_Lima rio_River_Autumn_fall_Top things to see_do


Take the path to the old city center between the huge plane trees

Ponte de Lima_Portugal_Top things to do_see_tourism_caminho_walk

Possible stop at “Gaio”

A little “taberna” where you can find the classical “menu do dia” for 5,5€ with a soup, main dish with meat or fish, drink and coffee… No doubt you’re in Portugal ! The plates are well served ans the waiters are very nice and smiling. There is also a special “caminho do santiago” set ==> Do not hesitate !

Ponte de Lima_Top things to eat_do_see_Gaio_restaurant_center_traditional_cheap

Ponte de Lima_Top things to do and eat_Restaurant_Portugal_gaio_traditional


Cross the bridge (sobre o rio Lima)

And enjoy the view…

Ponte de Lima_Portugal_top things to do_see_Lima rio_River_Discover


Visite the botanical garden (parque do Arnado)

Ponte de Lima_Portugal_Top things to do and see_Tourism_jardim_garden_botanical

Ponte de lima_portugal_Top things to do and eat and see_parque do arnado_botanical garden_jardim

And if you stay two days, another option for lunch would be : taberna cadeia velha

I didn’t take any picture (such a shame) but the place has a sunny little terrace and food is amazing. It’s a bit more expensive than a portuguese taberna but if you’re a bit tired of butter, oil and family type of recipes, here you can find more gourmet type of food.

But be aware that the tapas coming when you arrive are not for free, if you eat them, you pay them, that’s the rule… Same for bread, butter etc.

And now I just have to wish you a good trip, enjoy !