Top things to do and eat in Viseu – Portugal

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A pretty little city up hill for a 1 day trip

We only had one day to spend in Viseu but we enjoyed a lot being there, discovering its christmas market, parks, its walk almost all around town from the rampart… You might not be able to see the christmas market if you’re around in summer or spring, though if you have one extra day to spend in this region, Viseu really is worth it !

zoom on portugal and on Viseu and follow the guide for a one day city trip.


Discover its very charming main square (especially charming around xmas… but who knows ?!)

Viseu_Portugal_Main square_Top things to do_see_Travel_Que faire_a voir_Tourisme_Voyager_place princale

Church tour is anavoidable !

Viseu_Portugal_Top things to do_see_Travel_Discover_Que faire_A voir_voyager_tourisme_chapel
Igreja de nossa Sra. do Carmo

Viseu_portugal_Top things to see_do_Que faire_A voir_cathedral
Cathedrale de Viseu

Viseu_Portugal_Topt hings to do_see_Tourism_Que faire_A voir_Museu Nacional Gro VascoIt seems that this one is not considered a church but a museum “Museu nacional Grao Vasco”… but I’m wondering why since it still has a cross on its top.


Then, parcs tour for a lovely walk !

Viseu_Portugal_Parque aquilino Ribeiro_Top things to do_see_Que faire_A voir_Tourisme_voyager_travel
Hust next to the main square, you’ll find a little parc full of life “Parque Aquilino Ribeiro” which is hidding a church by its entrance (to end the list from above)

viseu_portugal_Jardim_Parque_Top things to see_Do_Que faire_A voir_Parc_JardinParque de fontelo – Parc with peacocks ? A must !

Viseu_Portugal_cava de viriato_Top things to do_see_Que faire_A voir_Garden_jardin_WalkCava de viriato and the walk on top of the ramparts… A very nice point of view of the city from below


Mandatory stop at Maria Xica’s

A small restaurant only serving tapas (petiscos). It’s a bit touristic but the atmosphere is very pleasant and the food is really good. It’s a bit more expensive than usual for a portuguese restaurant but I’ll definitely put it in the “worth the money” type of places !

Viseu_portugal_Maria Xica_restaurant_Topt hings to do_try_eat_Que faire_A voir_Tourisme_traditionnal food_entrance

Viseu_portugal_Top things to do_see_try_eat_Mari xica_restaurant_traditionnal portuguese cuisine_Que faire_A voir_Tourisme

Viseu_Portugal_Top things to see_do_eat_try_Que faire_A voir_Manger_Essayer_Maria xica_restaurantMeatballs whith goat cheese sauce, asparagus omelett and sweet potatoes stuffed with vegetables and cheese (soon on the blog !)


A well diserved street art walk !

Viseu_Portugal_Top things to do_see_Street art_Tourism_Travem_Que faire_A voir_Voyager


And as a bonus…

If you’re lucky enough to be around there in December, wait until it’s dark to go home otherwise you might miss the beautifull xmas lights !

Viseu_Portugal_Topt hings to do_see_Christmas lights_Main square_boas festa_Natal luz_Que faire_A voir

Viseu_Portugal_Christmas_Light_Luz_Natal_Top things to see_Do_Que faire_A voir_igreja_Chruch_Eglise


Have a wonderful trip !