Underground restaurant

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An evening at Brussel’s clandestine restaurant rhymes with Indian cuisine, Underground, Unusual, laugh, discovery and fun…

No reason not to go ! ^^


The clandestine restaurant is a “table d’hôte” of 14 guests in a private appartment in Auderghem. The appartment belongs to a super nice woman from India who cooks with one of her friends.
For 20 € you’ll have a 3 courses indian menu, white and/or red wine, a cup of tea and the pleasure of discovering an artistic concept.

Chana Chaat
Chana chaat – made with mashed chick-pea

Epinards et Paneer - Spinach and Paneer 2
Spinach and Paneer (yummy)

Epinards et Paneer - Spinach and Paneer
Spinach and Paneer and lentil curry

Curry poulet - Chicken curry
Chicken curry (hot hot hot)

Riz au lait pistach et noix de coco - coconut rice pudding with pistachio
Coconut rice pudding with pistachio

The night I went there we’ve had the chance to meet Julien Staudt who is a storyteller for kids and grownups and who have punctuated our diner with some of his crazy love stories… Really cool, super nice atmosphere!


And to conclude… “NO, of course not” (horrified face), I’m sorry but I can’t give you the address online like this or it won’t be a cool and underground concept anymore ^^ (hehe). BUT… Send me your email address in the comments’ space here below or directly in my gmail inbox and I’ll let you know the next dates, the address to book your place etc.


Have fun and who knows… See you there next time ^^ !!!

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