Sepak takraw : A mix of volleyball, football and Karate…

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The laotian sport that makes you think you can easily play it when watching it… but you can’t !

The Sepak Takraw (says Wikipedia) it’s a bit like Parkour, you dream about doing it because it’s super graceful and it looks so fun but when you try you know that only the cool kids can do it…

Sepak Takraw is an asian sport that you can find almost everywhere in the north of Laos. You can only play with your head and your feet, 3 against 3 on a field with a net the size of a man’s shoulder. It seems that the game is organized with one setter (in front of the net on the right side), one server (at the back) and one who slam dunks (the gymnast in front of the net on the left side, the one who is always in the air upside down, doing saltos and kicks… super impressive!). But I guess in the professional version you have more multidisciplinary people, setter able to slam dunk etc.

A game is not that long but we never understood when the player turn or how many points you need to win the match… we’re still looking for that (wikipedia is definitely cheating).

Anyway, this sport starts with a ball… It used to be made of bamboo in the ethnical villages and one ball could last one week even if used every day (today the balls are in plastic and you can find them in any shop anywhere) :

Sepak takraw ball made with bamboo sticks_Laos_Luang namtha_Top things to doThis is our ball made by Mok Ly in the jungle of Luang Namtha, 2 weeks ago. I’m not going to lie, we tried… Well, we’re far from being ready for the national championship.

Then you need a field and 2 teams :

Sepak takraw_Kickvolley ball_Sport_Laos_Luang prabang
Luang prabang field.

And last but not least, you need a bit of energy and a few acrobatic figures (2:44) :

check 2:44, we saw a game in Luang prabang and one of the guys was really always in the air like that, it was very impressive !

Soon, the video of how to make a ball with bamboo sticks… I spent 4 hours working on it and when I pressed the button saying “export as a video file” my “free” video editor software told me something like “this is a trial version, please buy the version x.x.x on our website to use this feature”… @#{@'”!!!!{#[@# (damn)