A 2 weeks walk tour to take some time to think… Korea

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… of the consequences of our electricity production/consumption on our planet.

For their 2 weeks annual walk tour, the students of Silsangsa jakeun school chose energy as a topic. 10 days, 160 km walking between Sannae and Miryang , and a lot of time thinking about green energies and alternatives to our system in order to avoid new crisis like the one in Miryang.


Walk tour_from sannae to miryang_Alternative school_South korea_
During the day and for 10 days,  we walked, walked and walked a bit more… Between 18 and 22 km per day, 13 persons on the road and a lot of singing, playing, laughing… but most of the time we walked in silence.

The transmission towers of Miryang_Alternative school_We weree following the transmission towers which made us think and discuss several topics like green energies, environment, nuclear, happiness, goals in life… Some of us thought the problem was nuclear, some thought it was the hidden decisions of the government… But at the end of the day we finally all agreed to say that the real problem is not only how we create the energy (there’s no real green way of doing so anyway) but more how we consume and waste the energy.

Miryang_Volunterring_alternative school_social crisis_Kennip field
When we arrived in Miryang, we were split up into smaller groups and sent in the farmer’s fields for helping them (and discover) weed, harvest etc. kennip (sesame leaves), chili peppers or spring onions. It gave us a chance to talk about environment and about the fight and struggle of Miryang against the transmission towers.

Environment discussion_nuclear quest_miryang_alternative schoolWe also took the time to think of solutions we could use in our today life together with people who were very active in the fight against the transmission towers with the help of documentaries on the matter…

We finaly got the chance to conclude that ONE solution could be to live a simpler life ; to have a mindful way of using our resources ; to stop making energy a geopolitical tool or a capitalistic tool, and to start saying “no” to a society of frustration where people counterbalance their lack of happiness by a consuming need of buying, leading them to non conscious behaviors of environment destruction (How many of us confess using their credit cards when something sad happens to them or when they are angry, tired or in need of fun and discovery?!?).

Questions we’re not done thinking about and that we’ll try to answer while building our new way of living without becoming extremists of ecology. Being a mindful consummer, yes ; Making ecology a religion, NO !