Top things to do and eat in castelo Branco – Portugal

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The “tourism free” portuguese city…

Almost two months now that I’m living the dream of the portuguese life in Castelo Branco and I’m still very often amazed how beautiful the landscape around here is. No azulejos, no church at every corner, no smell of grilled fish in the streets here, Castelo Branco has nothing to do with the portuguese dream cliché. The Bairro interior sul is an alternative world full of street art, mountains, rivers, abandoned houses, ghost city centers, beautiful empty and roofless factories and Castelo Branco is the capital city there. It has its own charm and own vibes that you won’t find anywhere else in Portugal.

Here is a selection of my favorite 100 % free activities. Zoom on Portugal and then on Castelo Branco and follow the guide :


A railway station quite different from the others…

… To be properly welcomed in this special region ! Old ACME style water tower and old textil factory chimneys are waiting here to be discovered to change from the classical postcard cliché !

Castelo Branco_Portugal_Top things to do_see_Discover_Train station_Entrance_Rain tower_Water tower_welcome_Underground_Estaçao_Railway_Chemin de fer_Chateau d'eau_Acme_Entree_Bienvenue_Bem vindo


Then the walk inside the “centro historico” will make you travel through time

Castelo Branco_Top things to do_see_Discover_Que faire_A voir_Centro historico_Tourism_recommendationsDiscover the city from afar to understand how it has been built on the hillside, overlooked by its old templar castle

Portugal_Castelo Branco_Top things to do_see_discover_Center_city center_Old walls_Castle_Que faire_A voir_Murailles_centro historico_Centre historique
Discover the old fortifications and the gorgeous clock tower.

Roofs of castelo Branco_Top things to do_see_discover_Que faire_a voir_PortugalIf you’re lucky enough to find the right stairs on the fortifications, you’ll have the chance to enjoy a walk on Castelo Branco’s rooftops.

Castelo branco_Top things to do_see_Discover_Que faire_A voir_tourism_Castle_O Castelo_Chateau_Best view_POint de vue_
And finally the masterpiece, the old templar castle and its view on this amazing region.


Mandatory stop by the city garden

In front of this one you can find the touristic “jardim do paço episcopal”, a garden full of little statues that you can visit in visit hours for 2 €. It’s apparently very nice and lovely. But I’m definitely more convinced by the simple city garden with its kids laughs, swings creakings, fountains purr and the trees’ shade for hidding for a quick nap or a long picnic.

Portugal_Castelo Branco_Jardim publico_Public garden_Jardin publique_Topt hings to do_see_discover_Best place to be_A voir_Que faire_tourism_

Mandatory lunch at Namasté

Vegetarian restaurant only opened at lunch time. You can eat in or take away delicious family style recipes that remind you that vegetarian cuisine is not only made of lettuce and quinoa. 3.5 € for a small plate full of the daily delights and a tea and you can add a few extra euros for a soup, a dessert or a bigger plate. A very nice and recommended place.
namaste_restaurant_Top things to do_see_try_Discover_Where to eat_Que faire_A voir_castelo branco_portugal_city trip

Castelo branco_Portugal_Restaurant_Vegetarian_vegan_Top things to do_try_Where to eat_Que faire_Ou manger_A voir_Tourism_Living portugal


Try the best “bolo de bolacha” in town at pastelaria Colmeia

I’m not sure this is exactly THE best but this is what I’ve been told by a few persons, and anyway it’s certainly the cutest I’ve seen. I’m therefore sharing the secret but I’m going to keep looking and if I find anything better, i’ll let you know.

Bolo de bolacha_Castelo branco_Top things to try_do_see_taste_Discover_Que faire_A voir_Cake_gateau_Speciality_Spécialité_portugal


If you like walking, be sure you have plenty of free time in your agenda because there are a few nice walks around here

The cone

A super nice point of view for watching the city and “the place to be” for a calm picnic, reading a book, meditating, playing the ukulele… (actually If you’re looking for me, I might be around there). If you walk past the railway with the tiny wood bridge, past the houses behind the bridge and past the road, you’ll find a path going up the rocks to the cone.

Portugal_Castelo Branco_Top things to see_do_Discover_top view_best place_walk_Nature_Que faire_A voir_tourism_city trip_centro do portugal_CenterOne side…

Portugal_Castelo Branco_Top things to do_see_discover_Que faire_A voir_Nature_centro do_center_Bairro baixo_view point_Best place
… and the other


Zona de lazer

A cool and quiet area where some come for running, others for sunbathing or wandering by the water…Portugal_Castelo branco_city trip_nature_top things to do_see_visit_walk_zona de lazer_Que faire_A voir_découvrir_tourism

Portugal_Castelo Branco_Zona de lazer_What to do_see_Top things to_Discover_que faire_A voir_Tourism_City_trip_Nature_Mountain_walks


The “quinta do moinho velho” in the “cansado” area

Discover an old and abandonned urban farm covered with street art and gorgeous fruit trees. The farm has recently been bought by the city though and they have a cultural project in mind for this place… to be followed !

Portugal_castelo branco_Street art_Quinta do moinho velho_Le vieux moulin_Top things to do_see_discover_Que faire_A voir_Tourism_Urban art_Urbain

Portugal_Castelo Branco_Quinta do moinho velho_Street art_Topt hings to do_see_Discover_Alternative art_Que faire_A voir


The “capela de sao martinho”

Walking or cycling? Your call !

Portugal_Castelo Branco_Top things to do_see_discover_Capela de sao martinho_chapelle_Chapel_Walk_free activity_Activité gratuite_A faire_que voirThe chapel and its beautiful point of view on the region

Portugal_Castelo Branco_Top things to do_see_discover_spring_Flowers_nature_Fruit trees_Que faire_A voir_Fruitiers_Fleurs_Blossoms_Printemps
And if you’re around there in spring you might also love seeing how nature wakes up in this region… Wait to see the amazing magnolia (this picture not being the magnolia I’m talking about, I know, but I don’t want to publish any spoiler).


For a junk food envy, check out Ginjal

Ginjal is a rather small burgers and portuguese beers restaurant well hidden in a small street close to the old city center. The burgers are delicious and made with fresh products, music is jazz and blues, service is super smiling and sangria and beers are super good… What are you waiting for ?!?


Portugal_Castelo branco_Top things to do_see_try_taste_Ginjal_restaurant_burger and beer_Nice place to go out_Que faire_A voir_A essayer_Ou manger_Burger et biere


And for a perfect finish, why not cycling the region a bit ?

The river

7 km downhill, easy but then 7 km back uphill quite stiff… but the walk by the rio Ponsul (the river) at monte do chaveiro is worth the pain.

Portugal_Castelo Branco_surroundings_River walk_Cycling trip_Rio ponsul_monte do chaveiro_Que faire_Top things to do_see_discover_nature

Barragem da marateca

A gorgeous and easy cycling route through the small villages around Castelo to the nice bank of the dam of marateca. Nice spot for picnics and several water activities.

Portugal_Castelo Branco_Topt hings to do_see_cycling_discover_Barragem de marateca_Que faire_A voir_free activity_Activité gratuite_Nature

Portugal_Castelo Branco_Top things to do_see_discover_Tourism_Que faire_A voir_Barragem de marateca_cycling_Vélo_Ballade_Nature_countryside


And for the adresses for which I don’t have any picture

For a nice portuguese style grilled fish, check out “Restaurante Pinguim“. For a good old fashioned underground cantina with grand-ma’s type recipes go to 40 rua Amato Lusitano.  For the best Pizza you’ve ever tried your whole life, check “Arena di verona restaurante” out. For a beer with some good old Rock’n’roll go to  Taverna Johnny not far from the city garden. For a delicious coffee with milk (meia de leite) go to Café com leite bar at the end of rua Général Humberto Delgado.

Portugal_Castelo Branco_Top things to do_see_try_taste_Coffee place_Best meia de leite_NIce bar_Que faire_A voir_ou boire un café

Now you almost know everything I know… ENJOY !!!

And for an interactive 3D map to discover a Castelo Branco a bit less underground but much more focused on religion and history ==> Click here