What to do and eat in Porto – Portugal

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When you enter Porto you enter the portuguese dream. You suddenly see what we all dream about when we think about Portugal : Houses clinging like oysters to the hillside, the seaside and its infinite blue color, the red roofs, the steep little streets, the good portuguese restaurants, street art all over the city… This city is vibrant and colorful !

Here we go, zoom on portugal and on Porto and follow the guide for a few days city trip.


Walk along the Douro river

To see how beautiful Porto is from down the hill.

Porto_Portugal_Topt hings to do_see_Walk along rio douro_douro river_Fleuve_Tourism_City


Mandatory walk on the “Luis” bridge

Yes, this place is super crowded with tourists, all taking the same picture, but it’s still worth it.

Porto_Portugal_top things to do_see_que faire_tourism_Rio douro_Douro river_point of view_ponte luis

Porto_Portgugal_Top things to do_see_Ponte luis_Bridge_que faire

Start looking around you for an alternative touch to your city trip, street art is everywhere

For a complete tour, you can start by downloading this PDF file made by someone offering street art tours (download here) it should help you figure out where to start and then just get lost in the streets, you’ll find plenty of different fun drawings. FYI : Lapa metro station is full of tags but not the best, therefore if you’re short on time, just skip it and focus on the city center.

And for my favorite murals :

This map is for street art only, zoom on Portugal and then on Porto and click on any point of interest and you can see my picture… Easy ! And if you’d like me to feature a piece of work you’re working on or you like or to add the name of an artist I didn’t know, contact me ==> eatstowest@gmail.com

Porto_Street art_Portugal_Old man with glasses_Ponte luis I_Top things to do_see_Que faire_A voir

Porto_Portugal_street art_graff_fresque_art de rue_top things to do_see_tourism_alternative_visit

Porto_Portugal_Street art_Fresque_house wall_Tourism_top things to do_see_visit

Porto_Portugal_Bruxelas_shop_street art_Fresque_tourism_visit_alternative_Alternatif_Top things to see_do_que faire


You can even take some time to discover some pretty “Azulejos”, the old style street art

Porto_Portugal_Azulejos_street art_tiles_carreaux_carrelages_facades_house walls_Top things to do_see_tourism_visit_que faire


Hungry ?

Porto is the place to be for any foodie who is interested in Portuguese cuisine. There are plenty of options, here is my little selection :

Reco da baixa

A restaurant where you can try the very popular leitao (I have no idea what it’s called in english but the description would be something like “baby pig cooked on a spit”) and its garlic sauce… delicious !

Porto_Portugal_Restaurant_O reco da baixa_Leitao_sandwich_cochon de lait_Top things to try_eat_que manger

Porto_Portugal_Restaurant_Top things to try_Eat_que manger_Reco da baixa_Pork_Sandwich_cochon de lait_Specialite portugaise_portuguese specialities

Porto_Portugal_Restaurant_Pork_Cochon de lait_Leitao_Sandwich_reco da baixa_Top things to eat_try_que manger_que faire_do

Porto_Portugal_Food_restaurant_Pork_Sandwich_Top things to try_eat_Que manger_que faire_Tourism_Leitao_Reco da baixa

Casa Ribeiro

A small cosy restaurant where you can eat a delicious francesinha cooked in pizza dough or very generous salads.

Porto_portugal_casa ribeiro_Francesinha with pizza dough_Carpaccio_Restaurant_Top things to try_eat

More the vegetarian type ?

Try “Rota do cha”, simple food, delicious tea and a gorgeous hidden garden in the city center. More than recommended.

Porto_Portugal_Restaurant_vegetarian_vegetarien_rota do cha_Top things to try_eat_do_Que manger_que faire_soup

Porto_Portugal_restaurant_rota do cha_Vegetarain cuisine_Vegetarien_Topt hings to try_eat_Que faire_tourism

Vegetarian but more the gastronomic type ?

Try “Em carne viva”, a vegetarian restaurant working with the good old portuguese recipes but without meat. Classy and delicious.

Porto_Portugal_Top things to eat_do_Tourism_Vegetarian_Restaurant_gastronomic_em carne viva

Porto_Portugal_restaurant_Topt hings to try_eat_em carne viva_Vegetarian_Que manger_que faire_touris

A junk food envy ?

Welcome to “Honorato Hamburgueres“, a bar/restaurant quite trendy where you can find burgers of all sorts (small or big, your call). They even serve a vegetarian burger with chick peas, lentils, camembert (french cheese), salad and tomatoes… So good ! The non alcoholic cocktails are a bit expensive though… but really good !

Porto_portugal_what to eat_try_Que manger_Top things to_Tourism_restaurant_burger_hamburgueria_Honorato Hamburgueres Artesanais

Porto_Portugal_Restaurant_Honorato Hamburgueres Artesanais_Burgers_Top things to do_try_What to_que faire_que manger_Tourism

And if you feel like a classy restaurant, try “élebé”

Very chic and stylish, food is good and portions very generous.

Porto_portugal_Tourism_top things to do_eat_try_que manger_LeB Centro_restaurant_gastronomique_gatsronomic

Porto_Portugal_Top things to try_eat_restaurant_Que manger_Que faire_elebe centro_Fish_gatsronomic


Do not miss the susnset at “Praia de Matosinhos”

Porto_Portugal_Tourism_Top things to see_do_Praia de Matosinhos_Que faire

Porto_Portugal_Topt hings to see_do_tourism_que faire_She Changes - Anmona_Praia de Matosinhos



Porto_Portugal_Tourism_top things to do_to see_Que faire_parac da libertade

Enjoy also Porto by night, this city really is vibrant and colorful, by day and at night too. (Here : Praça de libertade at sunset). And enjoy the different parks and gorgeous churches and cathedral. I don’t have good pictures for that but I had a wonderful reading moment in the jardins do palacio de cristal and I’ve seen incredibly beautiful Azulejos on the churches all around the city.


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