Portrait – Mustafa, young chef AND entrepreneur – Egypt

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Zooba, the story of Mustafa, the man with THE idea…

After a few years in the USA working as a dishwasher and then as a cook to pay for his rent while studying, Mustafa comes back home with an idea.

“Why almost all the countries in the world have restaurants with their specialities and snacks with the best of their street food… except Egypt ?” Egypt has a few snacks specialized on one thing (and only one thing) like ful or kochary snacks. Otherwise, you can find big chaines of restaurants that serve kebab and mezzes… But where can you find one place with all the street food? That’s how zooba was born and where the concept comes from:

All the best of the street food, re-visited for the “posh” Cairo and for foreigners and decorated to make it a cosy place and not a worker place

Today, Zooba, it’s : 2 associates, a small restaurant in Zamalek, a few other bigger restaurants in the malls of Cairo, a kitchen where the products are 100 % egyptians and a few of the best recipes : Milk rice, labna and olives, pickled limes, roasted peppers, White cheese and tomatoes, Sugar canne, juices (hibiscus and lemon, tamarind, orange), fresh salads…

And the Egyptian street food dishes : Ful, Taamia (falafel), roumi, sakalons, shak shouka, halawa, kochari…


Mustafa – The owner

Zooba_Restaurant_Egypt_Cairo_Le caire
Ful on the making

Chicken liver and vegetables

zooba_Products_Discovery_Portrait_EGypt_Cairofresh products

Zooba_Egypt_Cairo_CounterHot products